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Marriage Document and Resource Page

Marriage Document and Resource Page




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St. Mary Church Documents & Information


Marriage%20Preparation%20Checklist.jpgChecklist for All Engaged Couples Preparing for Marriage



Parish Wedding Guidelines



Wedding Music Suggestions



Parish Registration Form



Better Together Information Sheet





Archdiocese of Hartford Documents & Information


As I Have Loved You

 A Booklet for Engaged Couples - Common Policy for Marriage Preparation


Engaged Couples Conference Schedule and Information Sheet



Engaged Encounter Information Sheet



Engaged Encounter Pamphlet



Office of Family Life Webpage





Natural Family Planning Documents & Information


Natural Family Planning Pamphlet



Natural Family Planning Information Sheet



Helpful Article:  "Be Her Joseph!"



Helpful Article: "Think The Pill Is Your Only Option?"



Natural Family Planning Methods & Information



"Green Sex"

A Natural Family Planning Talk by Jason Evert 


Love, Mercy, Life

Opening the Heart of Marriage - A Natural Family Planning Document from the USCCB




Additional Resources


For Your Marriage

Helpful information, resources, and practical preparation for couples being married in the Catholic Church 


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Marriage and Family  or  Natural Family Planning