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Religious Education

Religious Education


The Religious Education program at St. Mary Church strives to provide our children and the young men and women of our parish with the opportunity to grow in their faith and begin the process of building a lifelong relationship with our Lord. Full of catechists, aides, and volunteers who are excited about their faith and ready to pass it on to the next generation, our program is broken up into the Grade 1 - 8 Religious Education Class Program and the Confirmation Program. More information on each can be found below.


Grades 1 - 8



Our Grade 1 - 8 Religious Education Class Program is designed to help our younger students to begin a meaningful, lifelong journey of faith and to learn more about both God and the Church. Our parish program of Religious Education for students in grades 1 - 8 is grouped into the following classes:

Grade 1  |  Grades 2 & 3  |  Grades 4 & 5  |  Grades 6 & 7  |  Grade 8


Important documents and information for Religious Education students in Grades 1 - 8 can be found by clicking the links below.


Grade 1 - 8 Students

2016-2017 Class Schedule

Registration Form

(Also available in the church vestibule or in the Religious Education Office)


With any questions, please call Regina Martindale, Coordinator of Religious Education, in the Religious Education Office (located at St. Mary School, 62 Cedar Street, Branford, CT) at 203-488-7412 or email






Extending the religious education of our students into Grades 9 and 10, the Confirmation Program includes a series of classes held for high school students preparing to make the Sacrament of Confirmation. Activities such as retreats, LifeTeen nights, and service projects are incorporated into the program, helping these students to continue developing both a prayerful and active faith life.


Important documents and information for both 9th and 10th grade Confirmation students can be found by clicking the links below.


Grade 9 Students

Confirmation Registration 2016-2017

Grade 10 Students

Letter of Intent

Saint Name and Report

Volunteer Hour Opportunities (pg 1)

Volunteer Hour Opportunities (pg 2)

Confirmation Volunteer Hours 

Confirmation Sponsor Certificate


For additional information or for questions about registration, please contact Deb Schwall, Confirmation Coordinator, at 203-488-3399 or email